Top Ten Most Flawless Cosmetic Surgeries that We Know of

Countless cases of bad cosmetic surgery are seen, but flawless cosmetic surgeries are hardly witnessed. Many people go for cosmetic surgeries, to maintain the elegance and beauty, but the surgery may not give the desired results. If you are considering cosmetic surgery for yourself, have a look at these celebrities who had undergone cosmetic surgeries to get the look as they desired to have. Check out ”10 Most Flawless Cosmetic Surgeries that We Know of”

10 – Megan Fox


Though Megan Fox does not accept the fact that she had undergone a cosmetic surgery to improve her looks, the fans and media differ in opinion. They tell that she had undergone surgery on her lips and nose. The result is so natural that it seems that she had not gone under the scalpel. Megan Fox is really worth mentioning in this list.

09 – Jane Fonda


Jane Fonda, who had acted in Monster in Law, looks even better than she had been looking some 10 years before. The changes in the chin and cheeks are visible, and her surgery has been offering the desired results.

08 – Kate Hudson


For most people, it is a surprise to see Kate Hudson in this area. However, she has gone for breast augmentation, and it has been done by none other than Garth Fisher, the most popular cosmetic surgeon in Beverly Hills. He had done a perfect job, and her breasts now look perfect and natural.

07 – Diane Kruger


Diane Kruger is another celebrity who has gone for breast augmentation surgery. Her new implants offer a perfect look, and they do not look big or too small. In fact, they are in the right size, to attract fans.

06 – Ashley Tisdale


Ashley is the first star in this list, who is the most young celebrity to have undergone a cosmetic surgery. This Disney star went for rhinoplasty for a deviated septum. If these technical terms do not make sense to you, then in simple words, she had undergone cosmetic surgery to get her nose right. She proves that age is no restriction to improve looks under the knife.

05 – Jennifer Lopez


On the contrary to other celebrities mentioned in this list, Jennifer Lopez has undergone many cosmetic surgeries. If someone has to be shown as an example of what the good cosmetic surgery can do to improve looks, then she is an example. She had everything to do with a cosmetic surgery from botox to chin works. She looks ever gorgeous and cosmetic surgery is never failed on her.

04 – Michael Douglas

37th AFI Life Achievement Award - Arrivals

With all the things Michael Douglas had to handle from his cancer, his wife’s bipolar disorder and his son’s imprisonment, he looks befitting an aging icon of Hollywood. Though his cosmetic surgery has not removed all his wrinkles, he has gotten the look of the one who is aging gracefully.

03 – Kelly Osbourne


Kelly Osbourne has definitely improved a lot in her looks, though she keeps denying that cosmetic surgery is the secret behind her beauty enhancement. She has lost 70 pounds instantly, and this, without any external help, sounds incredible.

02 – Scarlett Johansson

Scarlett Johansson

If it has to go by Scarlett Johansson’s words that she has not gone for a cosmetic surgery yet, then how her nose has improved a lot and her boobs look perfectly grown. Without any doubts, the credit goes to her cosmetic surgeon, who has done a flawless nose job and implants.

01 – Brad Pitt


Are you wondering why Brad Pitt, the most handsome actor would have gone for cosmetic surgery? Are you still not able to find the difference? Then look at his ears they are perfect now with the aid of cosmetic surgery.

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