Top 10 Most Beautiful Dog Breeds In The World

“A dog is the only thing on Earth that loves you more than he loves himself “- this quote from American humorist Henry Wheeler Shaw reflect why dogs are man’s best friend. They know how to love unconditionally. Dogs are also extremely social, loyal, watchful and beautiful too. The followings are 10 most beautiful dog breeds in the world.

10. Chow Chow


The chow chow is a powerful lion-like looking dog that originally breed in Northern China. This breed of dogs has very dense coat. Their coat can be either rough or smooth. The thick fur on their neck gives a lion-like appearance for them. The chow chow dogs come in five colors – red, black, cream, cinnamon and blue. They are known for their skills in protection and hunting.

This impressive looking dog has a length between 17 and 20 inches and weighs up to 32 kilograms. The most distinguishable physical feature of the chow chow is its black-blue tongue. This coloration is very unique among the species of dogs. Unlike other dogs chow chows also have very straight hind legs.

The chow chow dogs are very independent and stubborn. They should be trained well in the puppyhood itself. Chow chows are very dominant breed. They demand your attention and care. Undoubtedly a well trained chow chow becomes a family loving and protective dog. They also get along well with other pets in the family.

9. Miniature Schnauzer


The miniature schnauzer is a small dog that known for its distinguishable whiskers and coat. In fact their coat is double coat, a hard outer coat over soft under coat. It is a German breed and very popular in U.S and Europe. The beauty of miniature schnauzer dog is described by its long fur on the legs and bushy eyebrows and beard. They are extremely loyal, affectionate, intelligent, playful and alert.

This small, pretty dog only has height between 12-14 inches and weighs up to 7 kg. Its coat comes in different colors including black, white, silver and salt and pepper. If you have a miniature schnauzer dog you need to comb its coat daily to keep in good condition.

Miniature schnauzer is very much devoted to its family. This breed loves to live in indoor. They are protective and suspicious of strangers. This playful dog also gets along well with children. This intelligent dog breed also learn tricks from their master in no time. With proper training, they also become friendly with other pets in the family.

8. Icelandic Sheep Dog




This extremely social pretty dog breed is originally brought to Iceland by Viking settlers in between A.D 874 and 930. For many centuries Icelandic dogs help them to protect their lambs. This watchful dogs also have been portrayed on their native Iceland. The thick coat helps them to survive in extreme cold weather. The color of their coat also varies as golden, black, tan and red.

This medium-sized dog breed has a height of 12-16 inches and weighs between 9-14 kilograms. Their coat comes in both long and short type. Icelandic sheepdogs shed their coat twice a year. They are extremely social and form strong relationships with family members. The intelligent Icelandic sheepdogs also learn tricks from their masters quickly. They are also very alert and playful.

7. Bernese Mountain Dog


The Bernese mountain dog is a large beautiful breed that originally breed in Switzerland. It is one of varieties of Swiss mountain dogs. This pretty breed has thick tri-colored coat. The chest of Bernese mountain dogs are in black and white.

Bernese mountain dog has rust colored markings on eyes, mouth and front legs. Their bushy tail is carried below and ears are triangular in shape. The strikingly colored thick coat of species also give them prevention against weather threats.

The Bernese mountain dogs have a length between 24 and 28 inches and weighs up to 50 kg. They are very intelligent and learn tricks so quickly. The owners need to train them well in the puppyhood itself. By heritage Bernese mountain dogs developed as farm dogs, especially to protect the cattle.

Bernese mountain dogs are extremely loyal and protective. They like to be with you always. They are also very gentle with children and other pets. Unfortunately Bernese mountain dogs are very small in numbers today.

6. Alaskan Malamute


The Alaskan malamute is a large and powerful dog breed. It is one of the oldest dog breeds in the world. They are originally bred to weight-pulling. Today this beautiful breed is very popular among family pets. The large Alaskan malamute dogs also have a thick and colorful coat.

The Alaskan malamutes comes in different shades including light gray, sable, black and white, gray and white and red and white. The pretty, Alaskan malamute dogs also have impressive markings on their face and neck. The thick and colorful coat also gives malamutes to a wolf like appearance.

The large Alaskan malamute stands 25 inches high and weighs up to 40 kilograms. It is a family oriented dog. To become a good family pet the malamute breed demands proper training and early socialization. The Alaskan malamutes are very friendly. So that they are not suitable as watchdogs. But they are very loyal to family members. The malamutes great with children and other pets.

5. Akita Inu




The Akita Inu is a large and beautiful dog that originally breed in Japan. They are two kinds of Akitas in the world – American Akita and Japanese Akita. The Japanese Akita appears only in five different color variations including pure white, fawn, red, sesame and brindle. But the American Akitas comes in all dog colors. Even though Akitas differ in the type they considered as

The Akita Inu is a large and beautiful dog that originally breed in Japan. They are two kinds of Akitas in the world – American Akita and Japanese Akita. The Japanese Akita appears only in five different color variations including pure white, fawn, red, sesame and brindle. But the American Akitas comes in all dog colors. Even though Akitas differ in the type they considered as a one single breed.

The large Akita Inus weights between 34-54 kg and reach up to a height of 26 inches. They are extremely faithful to the family. This protective dog breed is suspicious of strangers. The owners demand to give proper training to Akitas from early ages. The Akitas love to involve in activities and to play with toys. Akita Inus are also good with children.

4. Beagle


It is a pretty moderately sized dog that looks like a miniature foxhound. It is one of the most popular breed in the U.S. Beagles have broader head and short square muzzle. This breed stands at a height between 14-16 inches and weighs up to 11 kg. Their eyes are large and ears are has long low-set ears. They comes in varieties of colors including tri-color, white, red and lemon. But the tri-color, brown shading on black and white parts being most common.

The beagle is an extremely social and intelligent dog. They make strong bond with family members. It is also an excellent breed for children. They are very gentle and watchful, love to involve in the games with children. This active breed also loves to explore the outdoors. With proper guidance they get along well with other dogs. But owners must keep away the small pets from beagle because this breed is very good at hunting.

3. Golden Retriever



The smart, beautiful and good-natured golden retriever is one of the most popular dog breed in the world. This cheerful dog has beautiful dense water repellent coat, comes either straight or wavy. As the name indicates the color of their coat appears in different shades of golden color. Besides the beauty golden retriever is an ideal rescue dog, obedient, intelligent and energetic.

The golden retriever dogs are generally 22-24 inches tall and weighs 30-35 kg. If you are about to adopt a golden retriever puppy the one thing you have to keep in mind that they mature slowly. The puppyish nature of the dog remain until four years of age. They need to be socialized and trained well from early ages. Golden retriever shed throughout the year. The daily combing also needs to keep their beautiful coat in good condition.

The calm nature is the first quality of golden retriever breed. They are good family pet. The golden retriever can’t be a good guard dog because of its friendly nature.  But they are loyal, obedient and very intelligent. They learn tricks from their master in no time. Golden retrievers are very active and love to involve in various tasks assign to them by the masters. They also love to explore the outdoors with you.

2. Siberian Husky


The pretty Siberian Husky looks like a wolf and known for its friendliness and loyalty. They have a very thick coat that comes in a wide range of colors. In fact the coat of the Siberian husky is thicker than that of most other breeds of dogs. They also have varieties of markings on the face. Besides the colorful thick coat the almond-shaped multi-colored eyes gives Siberian husky to a unique look. They are also intelligent, active and a great family pet.

The strong Siberian huskies stand at 21-24 inches high and weighs between 22-28 kg. To make them an obedient active dog you need to train them well. They also need to be exercised daily to maintain their health and cheerfulness. Siberian huskies love to work and involve in outdoor sports with you.

Siberian huskies are very intelligent. They will learn all instructions and commands from the maters very quickly. This active breed loves to dig up gardens and yards. But a well trained Siberian husky only digs up the spot that allowed to them by the master. Even though the Siberian huskies are loyal the friendly nature makes them as poor watch dogs.

This high energetic breed can pull sleds for long distances. The Siberian huskies always like to involve in some kind of activities. They can be a good jogging or hiking companion for you. Siberian huskies are also very good at hunting and they love to play with toys. They are also great with children because they are very tolerant.

1. Pomeranian


The Pomeranian is a very popular active and lovely breed in the world. This small breed has a thick double coat. It comes in a wide variety of colors including sable, red, orange, lavender, brindle, merle, chocolate and cream. The long outer coat gives Pomeranian breed to a unique appearance. This cute small breed also called as ‘poms’.

Pomeranian only weighs 1.3-3.3 kg and 7-12 inches in height. They are very easy to train and learn commands very fast. The main things that the owners have to keep in mind that poms are heavy shedders. You need to brush them weekly to remove the lost hair and to keep the coat in good condition. This great family pet always tries to please you. They love to learn new tricks from you and excel at obedience.

The poms are extremely loyal to their family. They are very alert and suspicious of strangers. This small watch dog also has very loud barks. They will definitely bark at anything that seems strange to them. Poms love to live inside the house and being around you most of the time. They are also very active and playful.

It is quite dangerous to leave the poms with the very young children. It is because of small poms may be easily injured by the careless children. But they are great with older children. They love to involve in various games. Poms also can be an excellent companion for you while jogging. They also get along well with cats and other pets in the family.



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